MIX.E 2024


MIX.E Academy brings together a cohort of 30 European disruptive startups whose solutions will help achieve the low-carbon energy mix of tomorrow! 

LIVE Hackathon to create a spirit of innovation around alternative energy sources and next generation solutions ! 
 Mix of participants among exhibitors, professionals, idea generators... and students!
Meetings between Labs and Companies To facilitate new technology transfer 

HR operation Recruit the engineers of the 21st century! 

Awareness for Future Generations Partner schools involved in organizing the event

Visit of industrial sites Dive into the heart of the innovation of the energy mix!


What are our criteria? 
In line with MIX.E's positioning, promising carbon-neutral energy innovations & solutions with strong growth potential
- Must be French / European
- Launch date 2016 or later
- Must not be part of an established industrial group
- Must have a solution available 
- Must be able to make the media BUZZ !

What is our promise?
In 2 days, at the core of the energy mix eco-system, the startups will have an opportunity to accelerate their development. Augment your visibility and go from prototype to industry-ready prototype, by making the right business contacts with future customers or partners! We provide you with a FREE OF CHARGE turnkey show floor at the core of the Show + access to the digital platform and all our communication tools!