MIX.E 2024


The ideal accelerator to think about multiple, complementary sources of energy and capitalize on new market opportunities, MIX.E will be strategic, business-driven, specific, disruptive and fun...do not miss the show on May 10 & 11, 2023 in Lyon, France.

Join us now to:
  • Present your innovation in Renewables, technology & hydrogen 
  • Promote the projects and multilateral cooperation at the heart of your regions
  • Contribute to mutual use of energy sources & energy infrastructures
  • Share your best practices and your "low carbon" commitment 
  • Bring to business your RE, hydrogen and low-carbon project 
  • Suggest a visit to your industrial site

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Register for the event

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  • CEO-MD/Executive Management, public officials
  • Strategy, Innovation, R&D
  • Energy Transition/Sustainability Experts 
  • Supply chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Operations/Development
  • Information systems
  • Technical, Safety, Quality
  • Logistics, fleets
  • Legal & Investment  
  • Energy Systems Managers & Engineers
  • Energy, RE, Hydrogen and Innovation Project Managers
  • Engineers, Technicians, R&D
  • Researchers
  • Fuel cells and electromechanical engineers
  • Quality & control managers
  • Power grid managers
  • Environmental/Regional development project managers